Globalmediapro is a fast growing international online store that stocks a competitively priced range of video, audio, photo, test, surveillance and computer equipment with an emphasis on professional applications

The latest models of video batteries from Globalmediapro

To ensure our customers always receive the latest models, Globalmediapro batteries and chargers are not distributed though a long chain of resellers, but are shipped directly from the manufacturer to consumers.

All returns are immediately routed to the engineering team, who investigate faults and, as a result, come up with an improved, more reliable product. With years of development invested, we believe these products are among the highest quality available.

The Globalmediapro website provides the unique possibility to see cross-brand compatibility connections between products. Each product page on the website shows a list of Compatible Products.

Globalmediapro offers many products under their original manufacturers' brand, which are otherwise only available at higher prices from third party brands; tripods, lights, video monitors, converters, prompters, etc.

Globalmediapro recognizes the need for affordable and reliable professional equipment, especially during the current hard economic times. Globalmediapro batteries and chargers are famous for their reliability as well as their low prices and provide videographers worldwide the opportunity to power their cameras without having to cut down on other important equipment such as cameras and lenses.

Globalmediapro Li230S-R Lithium ion Battery 230WH for Red Camera

High capacity globalmediapro battery for RED cameras

The Globalmediapro Li230S-R is specifically designed for RED cameras (Red One, Epic and Scarlet). Charge information is shown at the RED camera LCD monitor.

Globalmediapro is able to maintain both low costs and an extensive product range through its effective application of the 'vending machine' business model. Following the selection, made simple through the existence of an effective search system, and payment for a desired product, the customer is able to track the progress of their purchase through Globalmediapro's tracking system from supplier to destination.

The Globalmediapro company has been a part of the professional video and sound equipment world since its relatively humble beginnings back in 2000. The company started off as Globalmediapro (UK) Limited and continued on to then relocate and base itself in New Zealand, soon to become a decidedly respected supplier in its sphere. The company currently includes hundreds of thousands of customers in over 100 countries worldwide to its loyalty base, a figure that continues to expand daily.